The OM teams in the Ukraine are already reaching out to meet the many practical needs of people affected by the recent violence and political turmoil. Details are still coming in as to how our teams can best respond to the crises around them, but you can help right now to serve the displaced and desperate men, women, and children in the region. Food, blankets, water, and gasoline are all necessities that we will be working hard to provide and we will address other needs as those become more clear.

We praise God that at the moment, none of our teams is in the immediate vicinity of probable military conflict. However, some staff members have already been evacuated, and the remaining leadership and workers have contingency plans in place, preparing for ministry in extreme conditions.

Please consider giving, as the Lord leads, to stand with our team in the Ukraine as they prepare to minister in this time of crisis.



Ukraine is at a critical juncture, and we ask that you continue to pray for this nation as it undergoes significant change. In God's wisdom, Parliament has appointed a Christian pastor, Alexander Turchinov, as acting President until Presidential elections on May 25. This could be a great blessing, and he and his team need much prayer for wisdom during this historic and extremely testing time in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian treasury is almost completely empty, political factions with loyalties both inside and outside Ukraine vie for control, and Russian forces have actually been deployed to the Crimea, where Ukrainian troops have been forced back to their bases. Tensions there remain high, and several Eastern Ukrainian regions are being urged to break away. Ukrainian men and boys are being called up for military service and many are enlisting. Some believe they are on the brink of war.

Please pray for supernatural peace, wisdom, protection and the rebirth of Ukraine.

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