Our passion is to every day bring many thousands of people to an understanding of the Gospel message by all possible means.


OM is the arms of response for many churches bringing compassion to the suffering and dignity in lifting the disadvantaged.


In everything we do, our goal is to establish healthy faith communities that impact their society, especially where there are none.


We care about justice because God does, whether by helping India’s Dalits into a better tomorrow, confronting human trafficking or raising HIV/AIDS awareness.


Discipleship in OM means hands-on training, side by side, on international teams under national leadership. It’s walk, not talk.


Featured Projects

  • Ukrainian Crisis
    The OM teams in the Ukraine are already reaching out to meet the many practical needs of people affected by the recent...
  • Corporate Freedom Climb 2015
          Corporate Freedom Climb 2015-Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa The Freedom Climb would like to invite you...
  • The Logos Hope 2014 Fuel Appeal
    In 2013, your gifts allowed Logos Hope to visit 15 different ports across South East Asia, the Indian Ocean and the ...
  • Schoolbags for the disadvantaged kids
    Give a gift of Schoolbag to disadvantaged kids this back-to- school. For the past eight years, we have provided over 3...
  • India National Workers Fund
    The Good Shepherd Community Church movement continues to flourish in India and the necessity for national leaders become...
  • Operation Mercy
    Operation Mercy is a Swedish-registered entity and an international relief and development organization working in partner...
  • AIDSLink
    OM Canada is partnering with AIDSLink International, an organization that is dedicated to raising awareness and mobilizing...
  • Summer Kid's Camps
    Toronto is the world's most ethnically diverse city with more than 50% of the population born overseas.  Only 15% of curr...
  • Human Trafficking
    There are an estimated 27 million slaves in the world—three out of four of them women. Eight hundred thousand people wil...
  • Moldova Micro-Business
    About the Project: OM Moldova hosts at least 4 business courses per year for people from the villages. As part of the c...


OM Headlines

After losing some vital documents, a new believer in Kosovo prays to God for help finding them—and He answers in a dream.

Kuching, Malaysia :: Church leaders in Kuching are invited on board Logos Hope for an afternoon of gathering and sharing.

OM co-founder, Dale Rhoton, and his wife, Elaine Rhoton, reflect on more than 50 years of service in OM at a recent event in Singapore.

It's an unforgettable experience!” OM Mexico’s missions training impacts one participant’s life, who then returns to the training as a staff member.